To accomplish our main goal, CSOFTMTY has integrated strategic committees to fully develop the Software industry in Nuevo León.

Human capital

Develop and cultivate the talent that leads and inspires Digital Transformation,  through programs that impact from childhood, adolescence, current ICT students, graduates, employees of organizations and candidates to reconvert to ICT, developing and linking associated organizations with the supply and demand of ICT training.

VP: José Alfredo Galván Galván

Digital Transformation

Explore the trends and the most outstanding in digital adoption (digitalization) in companies that use IT.

Leader : Martin Martínez



Increase interest in Nuevo León about the potential of Fintech in the economy. That this committee be the point of reference for Fintech in the State on knowledge and innovation.

Subcommittee Leader: Luis Yunes


Increase interest in Nuevo León about the potential of technology in the health sector, share new studies and information of interest in this area.

Subcommittee Leader: Evaristo Fernández

Supplier Development of I4.0 for the Automotive Industry

Develop the capabilities of each company that participates in this committee so that they can grow and access new business opportunities in the automotive sector.

Subcommittee Leader: CLAUT / CSOFTMTY


Create a culture of prevention of cybersecurity attacks. Preparation of the strategy in this area, in addition to seeking to resolve the need to have capabilities to respond to accidents and incidents.

Subcommittee Leader: CIIC México

Smart Cities

The objective is to reinforce digitization and sustainability in the complex ecosystem of the city. Constant collaboration will be sought with the Secretariat for Innovation and Open Government that will be created in Monterrey.

Subcommittee Leader: Gladiomar Hernández


The objective is to develop suppliers of high added value of Information Technologies for the Manufacturing sector in Mexico.

Subcommittee Leader: Haidé Sánchez / Oscar Cabrera


Make known what are the technological tools that are available for the Retail industry and what projects can be worked on together with the users of this sector.

Subcommittee Leader: Rosana Gómez


Link between the Agro cluster and Csoftmty to publicize the technologies used in this essential sector in Mexico.

Subcommittee leader: Matías Bertoni

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